About Us


Formed in 1993, the Association brings together and represents many of the leading suppliers of software to the freight and transportation industry. The Association is recognised by HM Revenue & Customs and by BIFA and is represented on several Customs and EU consultation and working groups. We currently have 49 member companies.

What our members do.

  • Customs Management
    • Import and Export declarations to Customs
    • Product classification, compliance, adherence to controls, license management
    • Pre calculate duty and VAT
    • Tariff viewers and helpers
  • Warehouse Management
    • Inventory, loading dock
    • Transport and Freight Management: (shipping, carrier connectivity)
    • Cost Management (pricing, invoicing, VAT)
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
    • Monitoring and alerting, scheduling
    • Supply chain visibility solutions
  • Most members have a customs and logistics offering
  • Some members specialize:
    • Infrastructure and Managed Services to the trade
    • Hardware and systems to the Cargo Industry
    • Tariff applications
  • AFSS represents members on the main HMRC Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC) and also plays an active role in various working groups for example:
    • EU Transition
    • Cross border systems e.g. Import Control System (ICS), EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System)
    • International Trade Operating Systems
    • HMRC Service Transformation Programme, including CHIEF replacement (CDS)
    • Import and Export Procedures
    • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)
    • Duty Liability and Special Procedures

We have regular contact with.

  • Community Service Providers
    • e.g. MCP, CNS, CCS-UK, and Pentant.
  • BIFA (British International Freight Association)
  • Other Trade Associations, for example BASDA, ACITA

Benefits for Members

Representation at senior Government and HMRC level

Opportunity to contribute and provide feedback, help shape the future

Sharing of Customs Information and Consultation Papers

Networking events with other members

Benefits for Traders

Using a member of AFSS gives assurance that the supplier is reliable and follows a published Code of Conduct.

For Traders looking for software complete a questionnaire to capture their requirements, which is circulated to all members to give the best choice in functionality and pricing to meet their needs.