Code of Conduct

What is our code of conduct?

As a Member of the Association of Freight Software Suppliers we will endeavour always to act in a proper manner in our relationships with our customers, employees and with the public by making the following commitments.


To express the terms of our agreements clearly and precisely and then to fulfil these agreements in good faith by rendering services of at least the quality offered.

To help eliminate confusion arising from computing technology and accept the responsibility for educating the lay person in this regard.

To ensure that, if a customer is offered the services of any person, that person is available at the time the offer is made and is either employed by or under contract for services to the member making the offer.

To keep abreast of developments in the Freight Transport Industry, in Customs regulations and in the development of community systems.

To ensure that all advertising is truthful and meets the code of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Other Employers

To recognise that disparagement of other members is unprofessional and damaging to the reputation of the entire industry.

To ensure that no employee or prospective employee is encouraged to act in breach of any provisions of any existing or previous contract of employment with another employer, by way of an offer of employment or by any other means.


To provide good and safe working conditions, scope for job satisfaction and equal opportunities for employment and promotion.

To work continuously to improve employees’ skills and technical competence.

To impress upon employees and periodically to remind them of the confidential nature of customers’ material and information.

To encourage professional behaviour and a high standard of service to customers.

To ensure that employees are acquainted with this code.


To promote the effective use of data processing as an instrument for the social and economic good and to counter the confusions and misconceptions that sometimes accompany the use of computers.

Complaints and Arbitration

Any complaint against a member of the Association should be addressed to:

Stephen Bartlett

Phone: +44 7484856368